Thierry Robberecht
Thierry RobberechtAuthor
Belgian writer, born in 1960 and living in Brussels. He has been writing children’s books for fifteen years, often on topics that children find difficult to talk about.
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Jörg Mühle
Jörg MühleAuthor
German freelance illustrator and author of children’s books. He was born in Frankfurt in 1973.
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Estelle Meens
Estelle MeensAuthor
A Belgium illustratior, born in 1976 in Belgium and lives in Liege. She has studied illustration at the prestigious Saint-Luc Institute of Arts.
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Tom ElyanAuthor
Tom Elyan lives with his three children in the Loiret area of France. He has no intention of scaring anyone but he loves to dress up as an ogre. He devours stories that take place in the stars, and as an adventurer, he enjoys travels around the Earth. There are a thousand stories in his head just waiting for a picture book to make them come alive for readers.
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Amélie JavauxAuthor
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